Zefal Spin 25 Handlebar Road Mirror


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Handlebar mirror for the road bike.

Designed for sport use on road bikes, the handlebar mirror Spin 25 is fully adjustable and foldable. The discreet and small convex mirror still offers a wide field of vision. The mirror will be mounted at the ends of the handlebar, making it ideal for curved road bike handlebars. Reversible, it can be placed on both sides of the handlebar.

  • Sport use on road bikes - discreet, lightweight and suitable for curved handlebars
  • Solid mirror - the mirrors are made of unbreakable ABS chrome and therefore have no risk of breaking in the event of a fall
  • Triple adjustment - orientation tailored to your position
  • Reversible - can be attached to either side of the handlebar
  • Foldable (can be tucked away under the handlebar) - storage and protection of the mirror

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