Company Values

Baldwins Cycles Ltd recognise and value the contribution made to the success of our Company by our employees, customers, suppliers and service providers and will be fair in the way we conduct our business at all times. We:
  • must be aware at all times that to develop the business and invest in the future we must be the first to the market with new products at competitive prices and good quality.
  • will not sell any product without satisfying ourselves that it is suitable and fit for the purpose it is sold, ensuring that each product complies with all necessary certificates and legislation.
  • will ensure that our advertising and promotional literature is at all times legal, decent, honest and truthful.
  • expect our employees to handle our products with respect and act with integrity, commitment and courtesy in all their dealings with customers, suppliers and fellow employees.
  • will strive to develop and reward the capabilities of each employee and encourage individual success and happiness.
  • are committed to achieving our aims by empowering all employees to carry out their roles in an industrious and productive manner, working together as a united team so that we can meet the needs of our customers.
  • are committed as a Company to being the best in our business sector and to grow the business every year.
  • The company believes in adopting the highest standards of business management and ethics with regard to both supplier and client relationships.

And, for your peace of mind we operate a “no quibble” 60 day return and money back guarantee – you can’t say fairer than that!

We are always interested to hear from you too, so if you have any feedback or are not happy with any part of our service to you, then please contact us at

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