Zefal Shield G50 Gravel Bike Mudguard Set


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Gravel Bike Mudguard Set

Specially designed for Gravel bikes, the mudguard Shield G50 will protect you from rain and mud splashes. It is sold as a set (front and rear mudguard). The mounting is easy and universal: the MD-Fix fastening allows an attachment on the rear stays and on the front fork. Thanks to its position close to the wheel, it is both discreet and efficient. Delivered with 3 mud flaps of different sizes, you can adapt the length of the rear mudguard to the geometry of your bike.

  • Adaptable length - 3 mudflaps supplied of 20, 60 and 120mm length
  • MD-FIX mounting - universal attachment adjustable on diameter from 17 to 41mm for the front blade and from 17 to 34mm for the rear blade
  • Universal gravel - fits all types of frames for 650B / 700C / 28" gravel tyres
  • Discreet and efficient - mudguard positioned close to the wheel

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