Zefal Pulse B2 Bottle Cage - Dark Blue


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With innovative construction, the Pulse B2 bottle cage combines two materials with distinct properties. The centre of the reinforced composite structure brings the necessary rigidity to reduce vibrations and ensure excellent bottle retention while the technopolymer resin offers flexibility and lustre to the bottle cage to facilitate its use.  

  • Lightweight at only 30g - lighter than a carbon cage!
  • Resistant material in the centre and light/flexible material on the outside
  • Easy bottle insertion and removal
  • Adapts to different bottle diameters
  • Technopolymer resin and reinforced composite materials

The bottle retention of Zefal bottle cages is regularly tested based on protocols defined by quality department and design offices. The handling of the bottle must be easy while ensuring excellent retention that completely prevents the bottle from falling. 

RoadCC Review: https://road.cc/content/review/262357-zefal-pulse-b2-bottle-cage 

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