KranX Base 199 City & Comfort Saddle in Black


£25.18 £29.99
SKU: 76004

Product Features:

  • Patented Archtech Suspension system for support and flexibility
  • Pressure relieving Zone Cut opening on base
  • New technology PU Cushioning for improved comfort
  • 199mm width suitable for upright seated position



IBD focused brand exclusive to Bob Elliot & Co., ranged in-house and sourced from proven, reputable manufacturers. 

Designed to be simple to stock and easy to sell, ranges consist primarily of key selling, high turnover workshop replacement items and over the counter products. 

Benefits include;

  • Consistent, informative ‘self-selling’ packaging across all ranges
  • Excellent dealer margins and partner programmes
  • Low risk investment in stocking neat ranges of high turnover and easy to replenish products

SADDLE RANGE: Offering excellent options across the leisure and comfort disciplines, the KranX saddles are sleek, modern and great value for money.

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