ControlTech SLA A/Head 7075 Road Stem 31.8mm - 110mm


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SKU: 30332/110

> SLA Family: SLA combines high-end, 7000-series alloys with ultra-modern shapes to keep aluminium at the forefront of performance. SLA offers the stiffness necessary to maximize your power and turn every watt into forward motion, and at weights low enough to surprise both you and its component rivals. Better still, with the various ergo shaping options, seatpost offsets and a variety of bar heights and designs, SLA is there to tailor your bikefit to the millimetre. Beautiful and highly engineered, the SLA group performs even better than it looks.

Road stem constructed from 7075 aluminium that comes in seven lengths

  • Forged from 7075 aluminium
  • Uses zinc as the primary alloying element
  • The stem that is strong, durable and low in weight
  • Various sizes offers great comfort and handling
  • Easily flips to give a 5° rise or drop depending on your aerodynamic requirements
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Fits 28.6mm steerers and 31.8mm bar clamps

About ControlTech

Reliability: Controltech USA knows the combination of sound engineering and high-quality materials practically guarantees the lifelong performance you expect. They never compromise our designs at the expense of low-quality materials. They use only premium grade raw material of aerospace quality.

Ingenuity: Controltech is, and always has been, a global leader in component design. The state-of-the-art manufacturing technology would be nothing without the cutting-edge innovation of our Global Research & Development Team.

Quality: A precise, unflinching view of manufacturing tolerances and meticulous craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Controltech components. Craftsman-level alloy welding and carbon layup are hallmarks of our designs. Plus of course, the use only premium-grade raw materials in the first place.

Value: Though the greatest innovation takes place on the cutting edge of material science, manufacturing processes and product design, there’s such a thing as ’trickle down.’ Today’s no-expense-spared prototype is tomorrow’s easily-obtained standard. ControlTech work hard to create a range that covers every riding style, every rider and every budget – without ever sacrificing class-leading performance.

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