ControlTech Falcon Road 6061 A/Head Aero Stem 31.8mm - 120mm


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SKU: 30334/120

> FALCON Family: All new aerodynamic alloy. This sleek, lightweight alloy range covers everything a speed-conscious road rider needs. Using 6000-series aerospace alloy, Falcon is a high-value range that still sweats the details. Advantage exists even where you can’t see it. Falcon brings integrated aero design to any bike.

Square, tubular stem that reduces drag and increases strength.

  • The unique square tubular stem body adds an aerodynamic edge
  • Robust shape effortlessly deals with the extra strain of out-of-the-saddle efforts
  • That aero appeal continues with the 6061 aluminium stem caps
  • Its low-profile design contributes to the wind-cheating performance
  • 6061 aluminium strikes a good balance between stiffness and comfort
  • 5° stem can be flipped for further aerodynamics or sit-up comfort
  • Comes in various sizes for more comfort and better handling
  • Weighs just 138g

About ControlTech

Reliability: Controltech USA knows the combination of sound engineering and high-quality materials practically guarantees the lifelong performance you expect. They never compromise our designs at the expense of low-quality materials. They use only premium grade raw material of aerospace quality.

Ingenuity: Controltech is, and always has been, a global leader in component design. The state-of-the-art manufacturing technology would be nothing without the cutting-edge innovation of our Global Research & Development Team.

Quality: A precise, unflinching view of manufacturing tolerances and meticulous craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Controltech components. Craftsman-level alloy welding and carbon layup are hallmarks of our designs. Plus of course, the use only premium-grade raw materials in the first place.

Value: Though the greatest innovation takes place on the cutting edge of material science, manufacturing processes and product design, there’s such a thing as ’trickle down.’ Today’s no-expense-spared prototype is tomorrow’s easily-obtained standard. ControlTech work hard to create a range that covers every riding style, every rider and every budget – without ever sacrificing class-leading performance.


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