ControlTech Falcon Replacement TT Bar Pads


£9.90 £10.99
SKU: 30317

Replacement arm pads for Falcon clip-On and TT bars.

Product Details 

  • Comfortable arm pads that are designed for the Falcon range of aerobars. These include: the Falcon Clip-On Bar (U-bend), Falcon TT Bar (J-bend) and Falcon TT Bar (S-bend)
  • Provides stable base for you to steer yourself into a sustainable time-trial position
  • Slight inward curve ensures you maintain a narrow, aerodynamic profile.

About ControlTech

Reliability: Controltech USA knows the combination of sound engineering and high-quality materials practically guarantees the lifelong performance you expect. They never compromise our designs at the expense of low-quality materials. They use only premium grade raw material of aerospace quality.

Ingenuity: Controltech is, and always has been, a global leader in component design. The state-of-the-art manufacturing technology would be nothing without the cutting-edge innovation of our Global Research & Development Team.

Quality: A precise, unflinching view of manufacturing tolerances and meticulous craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Controltech components. Craftsman-level alloy welding and carbon layup are hallmarks of our designs. Plus of course, the use only premium-grade raw materials in the first place.

Value: Though the greatest innovation takes place on the cutting edge of material science, manufacturing processes and product design, there’s such a thing as ’trickle down.’ Today’s no-expense-spared prototype is tomorrow’s easily-obtained standard. ControlTech work hard to create a range that covers every riding style, every rider and every budget – without ever sacrificing class-leading performance.

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