Clarks Sintered Finned VRX850C Formula R1, The One, Mega, RX, RO, T1 Disc Pads (Replacement Pads Only) (carded)

Clarks Cycle Systems

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SKU: 16850/FRS

Clarks Finned Disc Pads & Replacements

Clarks finned disc brake pad carriers feature a unique design that helps to transfer heat build-up in the disc pad backing plate into the Fins. This significantly increases heat dissipation, reducing brake pad surface temperature by up to 500C.  By lowering the pad temperature the rider benefits from increased power, increased performance and modulation without loss of performance through the brakes fading due to overheating.

Due to thinner dimensional backing plate compared to standard disc pads using Kevlar to reinforce the backing plate the following disc pads are designed to be used in conjunction with Clarks Finned disc pad carriers only.

  • Formula R1, The One, Mega, RX, RO, T1
  • Sintered Pads (replacement pads only)

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