Clarks CPS310 - 50mm Pad for Magura Hydraulic Rim Brake

Clarks Cycle Systems

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SKU: 16407

Clarks Brake Pads & Cartridges

Clarks have a compressive range of rubber brake pads for all riding styles. Whether it be MTB, road or BMX Clarks have a pad that is compatible with all major manufacturers braking systems and rim materials. Clarks Elite pads use compounds that give unrivalled braking performance at both high and low speeds, whilst Clarks standard range of pads provide reliable, consistent braking through their lifetime. Some of the Clarks pads are available with replacement cartridges providing the rider with a choice of compounds for various riding conditions.  

  • 50mm brake pad
  • Designed for Magura hydraulic rim brakes
  • Unique design to reduce noise
  • Increased performance

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