Clarks Anti-Rust CL20RB - 5-7 Speed Chain (boxed)

Clarks Cycle Systems

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SKU: 20207

Clarks Chains. Clarks range of chains is extensive, catering for the requirements of all types of riders. From high performance, narrow 8-11 speed self lubricating chains through to half link single speed chains, all have proven superior resistance to stretch. This results in less wear to all drive train contact surfaces so maintaining accurate shifting for longer. 

Anti Rust. Anti Rust chains combine  special surface coating (DACROMET®), which enables the chain to within stand over 500 hours of salt spray testing, significantly greater than a standard chain.

  • Compatible with the major gearing systems
  • (DACROMET®) coating
  • Low maintenance
  • All weather longevity
  • Light, yet super rigid giving maximum efficiency

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