Blub Premium Wax Lube (120ml)


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It is the new trend. A unique lubricant that contains wax and water in emulsion.

  • Ideal lubricant for dry and dusty hilly conditions and for dry road conditions, being the most appropriate lubricant for this type of exits
  • Low attraction to dirt
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the Blub Bike Cleaner
  • Contains neither oil nor fats. It does not contain harmful solvents
  • Prolongs and protects the life of the transmission
  • Resists low and high temperatures without affecting performance
  • Saves watts thanks to low friction between the transmission elements by creating a thin wax film between all the parts in contact and making them flow without stress
  • Reduces noise and prevents chain wear
  • Hold departures between 100-120km
  • 120ml (up to 80 applications)

When to use it?
In general for road trips due to the low attraction to its dirt and its easy cleaning. In the mountains it is also highly recommended in dry conditions, especially.

Do not use in rainy or muddy conditions, or if you are going through wet areas since the water would remove the lubrication.

How to use it?

  1. Clean the chain with Bike Cleaner
  2. Shake and apply dry wax. One drop per link and one round of chain. That will create a hard and resistant layer of wax, which has very low attraction to dirt
  3. Let dry for 2 minutes
  4. Go for the ride

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