Blub Premium Dry Lube (120ml)


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It is an excellent lubricant for dry conditions and long distances. It is made with PTFE material.

  • It is formulated with PTFE material, capable of reaching each link in the chain and achieving excellent friction
  • It has an oil base that makes it adhere much more to the chain and have greater longevity between applications. It supports the water much better
  • Satisfies the demand for road and mountain bikers
  • Unbeatable for dry, dirty and dusty environments and works well in wet conditions
  • Necessary to clean with Degreaser
  • Facilitates a very smooth transition between pine nuts and plates
  • Hold departures between 150-200km
  • 120ml (up to 80 applications)

When to use it?
Ideal for long outings in dry and dusty conditions. It could be used as the Wax but with the addition of having a longer dry life and more security in case of unforeseen in the form of mud, water, puddles, etc.

How to use it?

  1. Clean the chain with our Degreaser
  2. Shake and apply the dry lubricant. One drop per link, two turns of chain
  3. That will create a dry layer of TEFLON that keeps your chain clean, without absorbing any dirt, dust or sand
  4. Let it dry for 2 minutes
  5. Go for the ride

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