Baldys 26 x 1.50 City Slick BLACK Mountain MTB Bike Smooth Road TYRE s TUBE s


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SIZE: 26 x 1.50
ETRTO: 40-559
WEIGHT: 660g
COMPOUND: Standard
Reinventing the mountain bike for road use
Who said you have to use a mountain bike solely for off road use?, this tyre rolls quietly on tarmac giving a totally smooth commute.
Designed specifically for the urban mountain bike enthusiast looking for a faster more comfortable ride on their mountain bike.
The tyre features a wave style tread pattern which enhances handling, safety and stability with smooth running and comfort characteristics on the road.
Manufactured from a durable rubber and nylon construction
Low rolling resistance for superior speed
Excellent all weather performance
Good puncture resistance
These tyres are also suitable replacements for wheels fitted with these sizes:
- 26 x 1.75
- 26 x 1.95
- 26 x 2.0
- 26 x 2.10
- 26 x 2.2
- 26 x 2.25

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