AXA Solid Plus Framelock in Black (SILVER Sold Secure)

AXA Bike Security

£26.98 £29.99
SKU: 35571


The AXA Solid Plus is a high quality frame lock with an extra wide opening and the option to link a plug in cable or chain to the lock so you can lock your bike to a fixed object.

The Solid Plus ring lock offers optimal safety with its anti drilling cylinder and hardened steel bracket. The ergonomic design of the push button and the online key service offer you maximum comfort.

The AXA Solid Plus can be mounted in several different ways.

  • Safetylevel 11 
  • Approved for bicycle insurance
  • Maximum security with plug in option
  • Child safety 
  • Ergonomic push button
  • Online key service
  • Hardened steel bracket and lock housing
  • Anti drilling plate in cylinder
  • Extra wide opening of 58mm

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