AXA Nyx-B Battery Fender Light in Black

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The Nyx is a small fender rear light. The light has a special designed integrated Z reflector, which means there is no need to place a second reflector on the bike.

The lamp with the reflector can be mounted at an angle of 15°. This and the very flat design ensure it aligns nicely with the fender so it doesn't stick out. It can be mounted very easily with just one single bolt on the fender, or a clamp can be used to mount it on the seat stay. All the lights have French and German StVZO approval.

The battery version works on 2 x AAA batteries which can be replaced easily. It has a battery low indicator and an on/off switch on the top of the light. The batteries will last for 70 hours!

LIGHT BEAM: 400 meters ‘to be seen’

Safety description
- Visible from the side
- Meets German (StVZO) and French regulations
- Warning ‘battery low’ indicator

Comfort description
- Easy mounting with one bolt on the fender or with a clamp on the seat stay
- On/off switch easy to operate

Technical description
- Battery operated
- Battery life time: 70 hours
- Including 2 x AAA batteries
- Integrated reflector
- Water and shock resistant

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