AXA LUXX70 Auto Steady Front Dynamo Light

AXA Bike Security

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The AXA Luxx70 has an extreme high light output of 70 lux combined with steady light, one of the safest choices for bicycle lighting.

The LED technology, with a life span of 50,000 hours combined with the extreme light output of 70 lux makes sure the road is well light and other traffic can see you coming from great distance.
Due to the clear lens you are also visible from the side for traffic that crosses you.

The Steady light function also makes sure you are visible for other traffic while standing still as it will make your light burn for another 4 minutes before shutting down.

The robust stainless steel bracket forms a stable construction to your bike and is suitable for many road types.

LIGHT BEAM: 95 meters 'to see' 6000 meters 'to be seen'

• Very strong 70 lux LED light, more than 50,000 hours life span
• Very large light distribution - including the side of the road
• Steady' function; parking light, your light stays on for another 4 minutes while stopped cycling
• Detachable retro reflector to be better seen by oncoming traffic
• Meets German (StVZO) and French regulations

• Available with on/auto/off switch. This version has a light/dark sensor which switches your light on and off automatically

• Suitable for use with standard - and hub dynamo
• Sleek, compact sportive head light with detachable retroreflector
• Cover for lighting cables
• Water and shock resistant
• Various mounting brackets included for semi integration with different forks 

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