AXA Hawk 100cm / 8mm Key Chain Lock

AXA Bike Security

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The AXA Hawk chain is a quality chain lock, very suitable for short to midterm parking or as an additional second lock to your bike.

This chain lock has a good quality when it comes to cutting force of the shackles as they are made of hardened steel.

The chain is 100cm long and the diameter of the shackles is 8mm. It comes with 3 keys and has no key service. The black sleeve protects your bike against scratches.

You open the lock with the key, then you can pull out the knob(s) and pull out the chain.

Safety description
- Safety level 8
- Hardened steel chain

Comfort description
- Strong polyester sleeve to prevent damage

Technical description
- Length 100cm
- Diameter links Ø8mm
- 3 keys

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