Schwalbe BIG BETTY 29 x 2.40 BIKE PARK Performance ADDIX MTB TYRE s TUBE s


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Type: Wired
Execution: BikePark
Colour: Black
Pressure: Max 50 psi
Tubeless Ready: NO
E-Bike Rating: E-50
Weight: 1500g
Size: 62-622 (29 x 2.40)
Equipped with everything modern tyre technology has to offer.
A Downhill and Enduro Allrounder for dry to damp conditions.
Big Betty works perfectly on the rear wheel when combined with our much-loved Magic Mary.
• Long supported braking edges for maximum braking traction
• Extremely stable shoulder blocks for outstanding cornering grip
• Open and aggressive tread for excellent grip and self-cleaning

Addix Compound
Push yourself to your limits and demand the most from your tyre. When the pressure is on, it shows its true colours: more grip, more speed, more mileage.
Experience a different dimension. ADDIX.
Every rubber compound is made up of natural and synthetic rubbers - along with many other solid and liquid ingredients. Carbon black, silica, silanes, oils, sulphur anti-oxidants to name just a few... The quality of all these raw materials determines whether a tyre will be outstanding or just mediocre. There are countless options for selecting, combining and measuring them, so a good formula requires highly specialised expertise, high-quality raw materials and extensive testing - it goes without saying that the final recipe is top secret.

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