Super B Premium TB-PF30 Professional Wheel Truing Stand With Dial Indicators

Super B

£389.89 £390.00

For shop use, accurate and versatile

For wheels from 16” thru 29”

Key Features:

  • The dial indicator, are used on precision instrument, whose dial measurement reads to .01mm and provides you more accuracy on rear and front wheels measurement and truing while using TB-PF30

  • All-purpose dial indicator arm provides users to measure and true wheels in any angles and positions you need. More smoother, easier and more accurate operation for users

  • Shift all-purpose dial indicator arm onto TB-PF30 uprights, allowing users to measure and true disc brake

  • Extra long uprights to accommodate wheels up to 29”, no need to use extra upright extensions

  • TB-PF 30 comes with thru axle adaptors

  • Thru axle adaptors allow the stand to be used with wheels using 15mm and 20mm thru axle hubs

  • Can be bench mounted

  • Truing caliper included