Schwalbe One 700 x 23c V-Guard OneStar Black Folding Tyre 0862


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Schwalbe One. The name alone indicates how significant this tire is for Schwalbe.
With a sporty tread design, excellent Race-Compound and quality workmanship, the Schwalbe One sets a new benchmark in terms of quality and Performance.
Originally developed for competitions, we have made this outstanding tire wheelchair accessible by using our WheelStar compounds. Schwalbe One is fast and reliable at the same time.
The great puncture protection comes from the V-Guard, made from a special fabric, which is very light and extremely cut resistant. 
Type: Folding
Execution: V-Guard
Colour: - Black
Skin: Lite
Pressure: 85-145 psi
Size: - 23-622 (700 x 23c)

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