Schwalbe G One Speed 700 x 30c 30-622 MicroSkin Tubeless Easy Folding Black 0951


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The Special One.
Unleashing profile and breathtakingly fast especially when large volume counts.
As a 30mm wide road race version with V-Guard protection, G-One Speed is a tire for the real tough jobs.
You can ride it as a handmade tubular or with the most modern Tubeless Easy technology.
But it is also a guarantee for maximum speed in the extra-wide 60mm execution of course not only at the fascinating beach races on Hollands coasts.
Type: Folding
Execution: MicroSkin, TLE, V-Guard
Colour: - Black
Skin: Micro
Pressure: 50-80 psi
Size: - 30-622 (700 x 30c)

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