OXFORD Commuter X4 Fibre Optic Rear Light - LD720


SKU: LD720

OXFORD Commuter X4 Fibre Optic Rear Light - LD720

The Oxford Commuter X4 is a unique, wearable safety light designed to accommodate rucksacks up to 35 litres. Reckoned to give other road users a much better gauge of rider speed and distance, it was conceived following a nasty accident.

The system is essentially an adjustable harness impregnated with 3M reflectives and bre optics,which feed from a big central hub containing a single LED, lithium polymer cell, charge port and switch gear. LED life expectancy is a claimed 10,000 hours, while Oxford say the battery will give 500 charges at full capacity, whereupon it drops to 70%, so even with daily use you should get several years out of one.

Unlike traditional lights, this doesn't employ a reflector in the literal sense, rather it's integral to the three tier polycarbonate lens. A concave dome amplifies the LED, while difuser and outer components project light at 45 degrees, theoretically eliminating blind spots.  

  • USB rechargeable
  • Fits over rain covers
  • Water resistant
  • Multiple ash and fade settings
  • Silver reflective straps
  • Combination of LED and bre optic technology. Expected LED life 10,000 hours, lithium polymer cell reckoned to achieve 500 charge cycles before capacity dips to 70%. Said to accommodate luggage up to 35 litre capacity-30 litre examples posed no problems. Choice of 70/30 lumen outputs.