Kenda Premium Kountach Road Tyre


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The Kountach represents the standard which all other race clinchers are measured against. Elite racing clincher, with rounded profile, in conjunction with the R2C dual rubber compound* has an exceptional low rolling resistance, while offering incredible cornering control in dry and wet conditions. The Kountach features the same Iron Cloak Belt flat protection** used in our tubular and R2C rubber compound on a supple 120tpi casing.

Key Features:

  • Smooth center tread with textured shoulders

  • R2C Rubber Compound

  • Iron Cloak Belt flat protection


*Road 2 Compound (R2C) is Kenda’s latest performance compound for road cycling. Like the DTC compound, R2C is comprised of rubber with two different shore A measurements. The center compound is 70sA giving the compound the fastest rolling speed of any Kenda tyre, while the shoulders utilise 60sA compound

**Utilising the same protective material that is in the full Iron Cap protection but limited to just under the tread surface, offering added puncture protection at a minimal cost and weight addition