Kenda Bike Ultra Light Inner Tube 700 x 23-25c Race Bicycle Presta Valve


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Most standard tubes have 0.92-0.95mm wall thickness...the Kenda Ultra Lite Tubes save weight by using a wall thickness of 0.60 mm.

Perfect for racing or riders who count grams.

Presta 26x1.9 - 2.125 weight: 120��7grams

Auto 26x1.9 - 2.125 weight: 120��7grams

Presta 26x2.1 - 2.35 weight: 130��7grams

Presta 700x18 - 23C weight: 71��4grams

Presta 27.5/650Bx1.90-2.125 weight: 149grams

Presta  29/28x1.9/2.35 weight: 155grams

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