12" Bent Valve Pram Inner Tube Kids Small Bike Pushchair Stroller


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This listing is for one quality replacement inner tube, suitable for prams / pushchairs fitted with 12" or 12-1/2" tyres.

The tube has a 45 degree angled valve inner tube for easy fitting and inflation.

These tubes will also fit most brands of pram / pushchair including Mothercare Urban Detour Range, Bugaboo, Quinny, Jane, Phil and Teds, Mamas and Papas, Out N About, Silver Cross, Maclaren, Micralite, Mutsy, Chicco, Babystyle, Hauck, Mamu, XTS, Mountain Buggy and many more.

They are a compatible fitment for wheels fitted with the following existing tyre sizes:

12-1/2" x 1.75" - 2-1/4"
12-1/2" x 1.75"
12-1/2" x 1.90"
12-1/2" x 1.95"
12-1/2" x 2.125"
??-203 e.g. 47-203, 50-203 etc

If you have any questions regarding fitment / compatibility or your existing tyre size isn't listed above, please message us for assistance & advice.

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